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Is My Pet in Pain?

How To Recognize When Your Pet Is In Pain Your pet depends on you to meet all of his needs each and every day. One way to accomplish this goal, is to learn the signs and symptoms associated with pain. This is especially important as your pet ages. Below are a few...

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Protecting Your Pet’s Heart

Heart disease is a common problem in domestic pets, and can be very serious. More than 10 percent of dogs will develop heart problems over their lifetimes, and the risk is higher in older animals. In order to protect your pet from heart disease, it's important to know...

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What Food Should Older Pets Eat?

At Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, they have the expertise to deal with the special needs of older pets, especially their dietary requirements. When you are looking for a Tulsa Vet, there is no better place. Older pets have specific needs in their diet, often to...

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Your Pets’ Paws

Keep Your Pets' Paws Healthy and Safe With These Tips Here at Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, we are regularly called upon to treat minor paw injuries. Since our furry companions go barefoot, minor paw injuries may not be completely avoidable. But this doesn't...

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