At Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, they have the expertise to deal with the special needs of older pets, especially their dietary requirements. When you are looking for a Tulsa Vet, there is no better place.

Older pets have specific needs in their diet, often to supplement their failing health. One thing to often remember about older pets is that as dogs age, they gain weight. As cats age, they tend to loose weight. Both can be problems, but in different ways, and each pet may have specific needs depending on their condition and any ailments.

For dogs, they reach what veterinarians consider geriatric condition at half of their life expectancy. If your dog has a life expectancy of fifteen, it is around the age of seven or eight that they may require special food. Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements may be necessary for hip dysplasia, common among larger breeds. Vitamin or fish oil supplements may be helpful as well. At Tulsa Vererinary Hospital, they know exactly what your dog’s need will be at what age, and there are a great variety of lower calorie, higher nutrient formulas to help your animal age gracefully.

Cats, on the other hand, tend to become more finicky and eat less, thereby losing weight as they age. This can be the result of and cause of multiple conditions, including hyper-thyroidism and reduced kidney efficiency. There are multiple treatments for your cat’s specific condition, but a good Tulsa Vet will recommend upping their wet food intake or putting them on higher calorie foods like kitten chow to help maintain a healthy balance.

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