Tulsa Pet Microchipping Services

Tulsa Pet Microchipping Services: Did you know according to the American Humane Association over 10 million dogs and cats go missing or are stolen each year. By microchipping your pet you can now significantly increase the chances of your pet returning home. Here at Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital we feel this is the best option available to see a lost or stolen pet returned.

Microchips are small, glass cylinders about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin of the pet with a needle. The procedure for implanting a microchip is the same as giving your pet an injection, therefore there is no need for anesthesia prior to microchipping your pet. At Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital, we keep the process short, only a few minutes are required to guarantee that the chip is implanted correctly and functioning properly.

Across the nation, veterinary hospitals and rescue organizations scan thousands of pets daily in an effort to return them to their homes. Here a Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital, we know the most important part of microchipping a pet is not necessarily placing the microchip in the pet, it is making sure to register the microchip with the company that manufactured it. Sadly many owners fail to update information when they change addresses or get new phones. Keeping this information current is crucial to getting your pet returned to you. We want you to have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe.

Paw Prints Ltd Veterinary Hospital can easily and painlessly place a microchip in your baby.

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