Tulsa Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Tulsa Pet Orthopedic Surgery Hospital: Paw Prints Ltd understands when it comes to any orthopedic surgery on a small animal, a pet owner wants to be sure that they are dealing with a skilled veterinarian that is going to treat their pet with care and compassion.

Have you noticed your normally active pet has slowed down, seems stiff when moving around, doesn’t jump up or has a limp? If the answer to any of the above is yes, contact Paw Prints, Ltd Hospital, to schedule an appointment immediately. So we can help your pet get the care he/she deserves.

Dr. Callison has extensive experience in orthopedic medicine including surgical repair and rehabilitation of sprains, fractures, and breaks. Dr. Callison and the staff at Paw Prints Ltd can help you get your pet back to their normal happy self.

Paw Prints Ltd is a full-service veterinary hospital, we will take care of all your pets orthopedic surgery needs.

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