What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Heartworm

Summer is right around the corner, and that means mosquito season. Mosquitoes spread heartworm. If you have pets, see your Tulsa vet to get them vaccinated against heartworm.

What is Heartworm

Heartworm can be fatal to dogs and cats. Foot-long worms live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of infected animals causing serious respiratory and heart problems. Mosquitoes bite an infected animal and then pass the heartworm larvae to other healthy animals.

Heartworm in Dogs and Cats
Dogs are a natural host, which means that heartworms reproduce and multiply inside your dog. Heartworm disease can cause lasting damage, so prevention and early treatment is critical. The Tulsa Veterinary Hospital can test your dog for heartworm, treat any infestation, and prevent further infestations with a simple monthly pill.

Cats rarely show any signs of an infestation. There is no approved treatment for heartworm in cats, but a good Tulsa vet such as the Tulsa Veterinary Hospital can provide quality care and devise a long-term treatment plan.

Prevention is Key
The best thing you can do is to provide monthly preventative care against heartworm. This can be either a monthly pill or a spot-on medication. Even if your pet has been infected and treated, it can be reinfected unless you take preventative measures.

The caring and professional staff at Tulsa Veterinary Hospital know how much you love your pets. Their priority is to keep all your pets healthy during heartworm season and all year round.

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