Preparing Your Pets and Yard for Flea and Tick Season

When spring comes around, it means the time has come to prepare for flea and tick season so that your pets remain happy, healthy, and free of these annoying parasites. The following basic tips can help you to prevent a flea and tick infestation on your pet so that you don’t have to be concerned about the health issues that can arise from these pests. If you already see evidence of parasites on your pet, be sure to take them to Tulsa Veterinary Hospital for a check up and treatment.

Prevention Around Your Home
Basic yard maintenance will discourage fleas and ticks from hanging around in your yard. There is no prevention method to completely rid your yard of parasites but keeping grass mowed to a short height and removing weeds and brush on your property can help significantly.

Spray a Treatment on the Lawn
There are many lawn treatments designed to kill fleas and ticks in your yard. Be sure the method you’re using is pet-friendly. Some of these treatments are made with natural materials like diatomaceous earth and they don’t actually contain insecticides. For safety, be sure to follow all instructions for application.

See Your Tulsa Vet: Paw Prints
It’s best to reach our to the Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital to find the best flea and tick prevention method for your pet. There are topical treatments, shampoos, pills, and other ways of preventing an infestation. Your Tulsa vet can also help with a treatment for these parasites when needed.

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