Back to School Blues

The days are getting shorter, Fall is in the air, and pets everywhere are dreading “Back To School”.
Our house was filled with activity all Summer; kids of all ages coming and going at all hours, doing fun things, never a dull moment. Jax had a ball, lots of balls, someone to play with every day. Now it’s time for the big yellow bus.

Jax will find a memento- a shoe, a favorite toy, underwear, or socks- and shred it, or eat it, as he pines away for his school-bound buddies.

Dogs don’t measure time like we do. They can be regular clocks when it comes to meal time and other standard occurrences, but time away from loved ones is endless. Separation can be a source of anxiety. Boredom leads to curiosity, which leads to temptation… and sometimes an unexpected trip to Tulsa Veterinary Hospital.

There are a few tricks you can try to keep Fido from being bored when he’s home alone.

  • Make sure to walk him before you leave. A well exercised dog will sleep most of the day, saving all that energy for you!
  • Food puzzles are a fun and interesting way for Fido to build dexterity and cognitive skills while waiting.
  • Leaving the tv or radio on, or having a window to look out of can be comforting.
  • If you have a safe, fenced yard, a dog door lets Fido come and go at will. This relieves him of the danger of not relieving himself inside the house or the mess involved if he does.

Professional dog walkers are available in many areas to take your dog out during the day. Doggy day care facilities provide constant care for them in a social setting.

The experts at Paw Prints Ltd can help with the back to school blues to help get Fido back to school in style and good health.

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