Keep Your Pets’ Paws Healthy and Safe With These Tips

Here at Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, we are regularly called upon to treat minor paw injuries. Since our furry companions go barefoot, minor paw injuries may not be completely avoidable.

But this doesn’t make our Tulsa vet pet parents feel any better! Here is what we recommend for keeping paws safe and healthy all year long.

Use a Pet Paw Balm

Pet paw balms create a semi-permeable protective barrier between the paw pads and the ground, so paws can still sweat naturally but will not be harmed by heat or cold.

Use balm before and after walks for extra protection.

Plan Your Route with Care

Another way to keep paws away from extreme heat and cold is to plan out your route in advance. If you can take your pet to a local park or nature trail with grass and gravel instead of concrete, temperatures will usually be more temperate year-round.

Also keep your eyes peeled for danger zones like frozen ice patches or very hot sand.

Booties Offer Extra Protection

Sometimes our Tulsa vet pet parents find themselves in a bind as far as walk times or conditions. Here, we recommend pet booties as an effective last resort.

Booties can take some getting used to, so here at Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, we always recommend advance training (with appropriate treat incentives, of course) to encourage your pet to try the booties on for size.

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