Signs that You Should Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian – Immediately

When it comes to your pets, you are the one who is responsible for making sure they are healthy. Obviously, they cannot tell you if something is wrong. As Tulsa vets, we want each of our patients to lead happy, healthy, long lives. At Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, we encourage you to look for tell-tale signs something is amiss before bringing your fur baby to us.

1. Your Pet’s Behavior Changes Drastically and Inexplicably

For example, your pet might stop greeting you when you return home. A previously docile pet may turn aggressive and mean. Active pets may just lounge around. Worst of all, your pet may stop eating and drinking.

2. Your Pet Exhibits Common Symptoms

A dog, for example, that suffers bloody diarrhea and general lethargy might be suffering from the parvovirus. If your cat loses weight rapidly and is still eating you out of house and home, it might be a case of hyperthyroidism.

3. Something Just “Isn’t Right”

Sometimes, you just know something is wrong. It’s never a bad idea to take your pet to a Tulsa vet, just to be safe. You might save your pet’s life when inaction would lead to disaster.

We’re proud to strive to provide exceptional care at Tulsa Veterinary Hospital. To schedule an appointment or to find out more, give us a call today.

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