Keeping your pet safe this holiday season

Celebrating the holidays with your pet can make some great memories. However, certain items commonly found at Christmastime could pose a danger to your pet’s health or safety. Tulsa Veterinary Hospital is experienced in treating a variety of holiday ailments, but prevention is always the best medicine.

Holiday Treats to Keep Away From Your Pet

Alcohol is never safe for animal consumption. Ingestion can cause mild to severe illness or even death.
Ham and turkey bones are often thought of as holiday treats for pets, but they can be very high in sodium or may contain small bones that can easily shatter and cause internal injuries.
Chocolate and the sweetener xylitol can both be toxic to dogs.

Holiday Hazards For Your Pet

  • Tinsel, bows and ribbons can all be tempting chew toys, especially for cats. If ingested, these materials could cause a bowel blockage that can make your pet very uncomfortable and possibly require surgery.
  • Plants like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe can all cause illness in animals.

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The doctors and staff at Paw Prints Ltd want to help you and your pet safely celebrate the holiday season. With these general tips and a little vigilance, the chances of your pet getting hurt or sick can be greatly reduced. Consider buying special pet-freindly treats for your furry friend instead of sharing holiday human food. Make sure hazardous foods and drinks are placed out of your pet’s range and are never left unattended. Toys with strings may be a good alternative to potentially dangerous tinsel and bows. Buy artificial flowers, place live plants out of reach or opt out totally if your pet is not easily deterred.

The knowledgeable staff at Tulsa Veterinary Hospital is happy to help if you have any additional questions. Contact Paw Prints Ltd to schedule an appointment or speak to staff.

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