November is National Senior Pet Wellness Month!

Our pets now, more than ever before are an integral part of our family and with improvements to veterinary care and dietary habits, our pets are living longer that ever before.   

As your pet ages, changes can be subtle.  Many times owners assume that the changes they are seeing in their older pets behavior or acitivity level are normal signs of aging,  but these may actually be symptoms of treatable age related diseases.

Although it varies with species and breed cats and dogs are generally considered geriatric at the age of 7.  Larger breed dogs have shorter life spans and are generally considered geriatric at 6 years of age.

Geriatric pets should have semi annual veterinary visits so signs of illness or other problems can be detected and treated early.     Senior wellness visits are often times more in depth and may include, bloodwork, urinalysis, radiographs, dental care, and critical evaluations of gait and movement.

Outward signs of of aging include: graying of haircoat, decreased activity, difficulty getting up or down, decreased vision and hearing.  However there are other more serious diseases that include the heart, liver, thyroid, and kidneys that frequently affect our senior pets. With regular monitoring and treatment the effects of these diseases can often be greatly reduced giving your pet a greater quality of life during their golden years.

Have you noticed any of the following behaviors in your pet?

Weight change (increased or decreased)

increase or decrease in appetite

Skin or hair coat changes

lumps or growths that were not noticeable in the past

decreased hearing or vision

clouding of the eyes

tremors, weakness, or shaking

bad breath/difficulty chewing/drooling

increased thirst

increased urination

inappropriate urination or loss of house training

decreased activity

stiffness/lameness/difficulty walking or rising

decreased general health/vigor

exercise intolerance

excessive panting


interacting less with family

has developed compulsive behaviors such as circling, or excessive licking

changes in sleep patterns

confusion or disorientation

separation anxiety or intolerant of being alone

inappropriate, persistant vocalization

increased fear/anxiety/aggression

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