What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Chocolate?

Monitoring what your dog eats is an important part of keeping him healthy. However, dogs can often eat things that are bad for them in the blink of an eye. The following is an overview of what pet owners should look out for if they suspect their dog has eaten chocolate and when a Tulsa vet should be consulted.


Just how sick your dog gets after eating chocolate depends on the type consumed and how much was eaten. The types that cause serious illness are listed beginning with the most toxic below:

  • Cocoa Powder
  • Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate
  • Semi Sweet
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • White Chocolate

If your dog eats a small amount of milk or white chocolate, he may not get sick. However, he may become seriously sick if he eats a stronger form such as cocoa powder. To be sure your pet does not get sicker, visit a Tulsa Veterinary Hospital immediately.


It is important to know what to watch out for in your dog after eating chocolate. The most common symptoms include:

  • Tremors
  • Increased Urination
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Seizures
  • Collapse
  • Death

If you think your dog may have eaten chocolate or another toxic substance, contact a Tulsa vet for a consultation. Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital staff has experience spotting signs of illness and will treat your dog appropriately to help him through this crisis.

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