February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Although many pet owners may not know it, the month of February is National Pet Dental Health month. The entire month is dedicated to bringing awareness to the dental needs of our furry loved ones. Routine dental care is just as important for our pets as it is for us. While pet owners may not think much of their pets’ bad breath, it can be a sign of serious health risks for your animal companion. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs, but the good news is that it is completely preventable.

How to Maintain Pet Dental Health

Despite knowing how to care for their own oral hygiene, many pet owners don’t apply the same common sense preventative care to their pets. Alongside a healthy diet and adequate hydration, there are three main ways to promote healthy teeth and gums and prevent oral disease in our beloved pets:

  • Regular brushing of teeth and gums.
  • Routine examination by a trained professional.
  • Providing healthy treats and toys.

Use National Pet Dental Health Month as the motivation you need to learn how to better care for your pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association provides resources for learning to brush your pet’s teeth. They even give advice on how to pick appropriate treats and toys to promote dental health.

You can also contact Paw Prints Ltd, Tulsa Veterinary Hospital to schedule an examination or cleaning. Tulsa Veterinary Hospital offers full-service veterinary care and a variety of grooming services. At Paw Prints Ltd, you can rest assured that your furry family members will be treated well and that their dental needs will not be ignored.

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