National Puppy Day (March 23)

Puppies are so special that there’s a special day just to celebrate them: National Puppy day on March 23. Many dog lovers celebrate by adopting a puppy in need or helping raise awareness of puppy mills, which involve puppies being raised in inhumane conditions. There are lots of puppies out there waiting for the right home, and that home just might be yours.

Adopting a New Puppy

When you adopt or rescue a puppy in need, a Tulsa veterinary hospital like Paw Prints Ltd. can be your best partner in helping to keep your puppy healthy. A good partnership with your vet will help you keep your puppy in good health. Another advantage that comes with having a good relationship with your vet is guidance on other ownership issues like food and training.

Take Action to Help Puppies

Consider contacting your local representatives to find out what, if anything, they are doing to eliminate puppy mills in your area. Take action by writing letters, making calls and posting to social media. You might also want to lend a had to groups that help network puppies in high-kill shelters.

Organize a Fun Event

Have some fun with the little balls of fur in yours or your friends’ lives. One way to do this is to have a puppies-only event at a local dog park or other pet-friendly area. An even like this that takes place out in public is a good way to raise awareness of how many puppies need homes and why adoption or rescue is better.

A Few More Ideas

A few more ideas to help you celebrate National Puppy Day include:

  • Donating money, toys or food to shelter puppies in need
  • Set up an online fundraising page for a group that helps puppies
  • Offer to help a new puppy owner get their puppy to a Tulsa veterinary hospital

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