Dog Days of Summer Heat

As part of Paw Prints Ltd, Tulsa Veterinary Hospital supplies excellent veterinary services to all breeds of cats and dogs without burning a hole in your wallet. Our services comprise of annual vaccinations as preventative care, a diagnostic lab, surgery, dentistry and we even offer coupons to help keep down the cost of caring for your pet.

Animals Have Problems Too.

At Tulsa Veterinary Hospital we are fully aware of other conditions, namely : Dog Days of Summer Heat, when many furry friends suffer from allergies, lethargy and indolence. This period generally starts around the first few days of July and can last as long as 6 weeks. Every year during this phase, distressed pet owners line up at our emergency clinic for quality treatment.

Dog Days of summer

Hot, sultry days during summer : Dog Days of Summer Heat, was first recognized as long ago as Greek and Roman times. It was associated with the dog star Sirius rising at the same time as the sun, causing dogs to go mad with fever when extreme heat, drought and thunderstorms struck without warning.

Nowadays at Paw Prints Ltd and Tulsa Veterinary Hospital we are confident that whatever the cause of these animals’ distress we have first rate veterinarians to combat any condition using the best technology. Other areas of expertise include:
• Cardiology.
• Orthopedic Treatment and Surgery.
• Spaying and Neutering.
• Microchip Identification.

As all pet owners are aware, flea and tick control and heartworm prevention is a large part of caring properly for your pet and our veterinarians can advise you on which type is best. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to diagnose and treat your furry friends and should they require hospitalization, we also offer intensive care treatment. Contact Paw Prints Ltd today!

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