How Often Should Your Pet Be Vaccinated?

Vaccinating your pet is one way you can keep him healthy. These shots protect him against diseases that may cause him to become sick or pose a health hazard to others. It can be confusing to know when your pet should be vaccinated. Veterinarians follow a schedule for dogs and cats based on their age. If your pet needs his vaccinations, contact a Tulsa vet to schedule an appointment.

Vaccination Schedule For Puppies

6 To 8 Weeks

Measles, Distemper, Parainfluenza

10 To 12 Weeks


12 To 24 Weeks


14 To 16 Weeks


Vaccination Schedule For Kittens

8 Weeks

Feline Rhinotracheitis
Feline Paneleukopenia
Feline Calicivirus

12 Weeks

Repeat Above

16 Weeks

Repeat Above
Rabies can be given at 6 weeks at the discretion of the vet. The staff at Tulsa Veterinary Hospital will advise you when your kitten will needs his Rabies vaccine.

It is important to follow the schedule set forth by your Tulsa vet when vaccinating your pet. Certain shots are required by the state to keep your pet disease free and to keep other pets from getting sick. If your pet needs his vaccinations, be sure to contact the Tulsa Veterinary Hospital and schedule an appointment.

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