Keep Your Pet Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather

“I’m bored!” “Why can’t I go outside?” “Really, it’s not bad out”. “PLEEEZE, I WANNA GO OUTSIDE!” “I have nothing to do!” “Mom, what’s there to do?” And if you think your pet’s complaining is bad, just wait until your children start in. Seriously, the staff at Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital is well aware that a three year old terrier can be just as challenging as a three year old human terror to entertain in nasty weather. So read on for some ideas from Paw Prints Ltd on how to keep pets safely entertained and inside on unpleasant weather days.

Pets and Winter Weather

The “old school” pet owners’ way of thinking was that dogs and cats were pretty much all weather animals. With all of that fur, they certainly seemed equipped to romp out of doors in a snow storm, even if humans didn’t want to join them. But after thousands of years of breeding modifications and living among us, our domestic animal friends don’t do well in extreme weather of any type. Traditional household pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits are as prone to hypothermia and freezing as humans are. In foul winter weather, outdoor cats may decide that they’re indoor ones. But braver kitties and many dogs may have encounters of the unfortunate kind with spilled antifreeze, salt, and snowplows if allowed outside unattended.

Other Weather Conditions Aren’t Much Better For Pets Outside

In summer months, they can suffer from heatstroke and dehydration. And while your pet may try to “go to ground” in a thunderstorm or tornado, a lack of natural burrows may force your pet to make some devastating decisions. So in order to protect pet companions, it’s best to keep them indoors in weather a human wouldn’t be caught dead in. But while human children can be distracted with books, games, and various electronic babysitters, what about that fidgety feline or restless rabbit? Bored Bowser would love to help you make popcorn balls and hot chocolate, but you already know that’s a bad idea. So what are the alternatives?


1. Out Of Doors At Your Window

Hungry birds and squirrels will show up at a feeder in all but the most severe of weather. Dogs and cats are both enthralled with this outdoor programming.

2. “Busy Boxes”

Make an assortment of toys available to pets in an accessible box or basket.

3. Green And Puzzle Treats

Cats and dogs enjoy munching on appropriate potted grass as much as bunny does. And several pet supply manufacturers make puzzle like toys that animals have to spend time with to recover hidden treats.

4. “Gym” Time And Variety

If at all possible, try to find an open area in the home for a few minutes of dog tug of war or cat fetch. Your pets will tire of these games (and just plain get tired) before you do. A gentle brushing can distract and help to relax restless pets. And by giving pets at least three indoor activity options, pets are less likely to invent their own (probably messy and destructive) games. Remember, they enjoy stimulation too!

Paw Prints Ltd knows that pets can offer unexpected challenges at any time of year. That’s why they encourage owners to turn to professionals like the ones at Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital for all of their animal needs. That way, pets can be kept both safe and entertained in the worst of weather.

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