Help Your Pet Live the Good Life with Veterinary Dental Care

At Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital, we know routine dental care is key to helping your pet live the good life.

Save Teeth

Our Tulsa Vet performs expert dental care that saves teeth. Since over 80{89cfe35005d9d7bf4224d3001a3add768446566f87840decb4aed1c431d7b32b} of animals over 3 years of age have signs of dental disease, proactive dental care makes a huge difference in animal quality of life. Just look at your pet enjoying a favorite food or chewing on a beloved toy. Pets gain so much satisfaction from their teeth that their quality of life depends on routine dental care.

Preserve Health

Dental health has a major impact on overall health. Painful teeth can cause insomnia and changes in your pet’s behavior. Since the teeth and gums are connected to the rest of the body, any infection affecting them may travel throughout the body. In the heart, for example, such infections can lead to heart valve and artery changes. Infectious bacteria can also travel to the lungs and infect them. Don’t wait until your pet has symptoms to see the Tulsa Vet for routine dental care. In some animals, even mild infections can damage the kidneys and liver if they are chronic and long-term.

Paw Prints Tulsa Veterinary Hospital staff specializes in routine dental care, as well as diagnosing and treating a variety of dental conditions. Learn more about our full-service veterinary care and schedule a dental visit with us today.

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