November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Older pets are wonderful additions to families. They are full of love, full of spunk and adventure, and absolutely adore belonging to a new household. Adoption is an amazing way to provide a shelter animal with a loving and caring home, and senior pets are an often-overlooked demographic at shelters.

Make a Difference in a Pet’s Life

Animal lovers can truly make a difference in both a pet’s life and their own life by embracing a senior pet. November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and the benefits of adopting aging pets are numerous.

Opening your heart to an older animal comes with many rewards. Senior dogs and cats often languish in shelters, waiting for a home. Choosing to adopt an older dog or cat means that the pet will live and be provided with a happy home for its final years.

Older Pets are the Sweetest

Older animals are better behaved than younger animals, and they are almost always house-trained, leash trained, and not as destructive as a younger pet. Older pets have often been socialized to be around other people, other pets, and perhaps children. They are generally more mellow, and they enjoy a slower pace of life because of their age.

Many pet-parents of older pets experience a deep and profound bond with their furry companions. They share a deep attachment and love, based on their shared desire to spend their time with those who are truly most important to them. Somehow, senior pets seem to know and appreciate the people who adopt them and the new hopeful circumstances in which they find themselves. Adoption is a meaningful process for all who choose to do it.

All animals deserve love.

Adopting senior pets is incredibly special and fulfilling. During Adopt A Senior Pet month, animal lovers can turn their attention to older pets and welcome them with open arms.

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