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Tulsa Pet Boarding Services Paw Prints Ltd

Tulsa Pet Boarding Services: Happy Tails retreat is an offsite boarding facility, and is a great place to board animals. There are many different locations where an individual could go in order to board pets, but not all places are created the same. The best thing about Happy Tails retreat is that it gives your pets a nice large open space to run and play around.

Pets can be boarded at Happy Tails for any specified amount of time, they just have to have all of their shots which can be done at Paw Prints LTD. Happy Tails retreat also has a loyalty program for all of their repeat members and after a specific amount of time they can receive a discount for their loyal membership.

The owners of Happy Tails retreat live on site, so anyone that is dropping off their dog or cat can be sure that they are going to be receiving surveillance twenty four hours and seven days a week. It is great to know that there is a boarding home that is safe and friendly.

When leaving your pet at Happy Tails retreat rest assured that your furry friend will receive all the love and attention that they need.


Tulsa Pet Boarding Services: Paw Prints Ltd

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